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Buddhist Monasteries near Patna
Buddhist Monasteries near Patna

Buddhists have the main attraction for the state of Bihar. There are many pilgrimage centers in Bihar for the Buddhists. This state is situated in the eastern part of India. People from all over the world try top come to this place to visit the monasteries here. The very name Bihar is derived from the word Vihara which means monastery. Patna is one of the places where there are many monasteries.

Patna is the capital of Bihar. There you can stay for a night and the next days try to visit the places nearby. In Patna there is a museum which has a good collection of the manuscripts and sculptures of the Buddha era. There is a lot of information about Lord Buddha and Buddhism in these manuscripts. There are a lot of statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva in this museum. The ash of Lord Buddha is preserved in this museum. Patna happens to be the base for traveling to many other Buddhist sites.

Tourist Opportunity / Tourist Places

The city of Patna was the capital of the King Ashoka who rules more than 25 centuries ago. Patna will be the centre for all the Buddhist sites around. There are many sites and also ruins of the monasteries of Lord Buddha which is worth visiting. If you are very much interested in Buddhist information then try to visit the museum for more reliable information. From Patna you can travel to Nalanda university remains. This University was one of the centers of learning of ancient India. This was the centre of knowledge of ancient India. Many Asians were traveling to India to learn many things from this university. But now the university is in ruins.

Golghar - Patna
Golghar - Patna

It is said that Lord Buddha had visited this place and the Nalanda University is built in that place exactly. There are many metal and stone statues of Buddha here. It is better to take more time to look into the Nalanda University to have more knowledge about the place. It is better to take your own time to visit the places to enjoy the ancient sculptures and other art works of the monasteries.

Try to contact us for learning more information about the travel. People from all over the world who like to know more about the Buddhist history will travel to this place. We will guide you to the best and make you to enjoy your package tour. You will be promised with mental peace when you will visit these places. The travel from our side also will be more comfortable.

How To Reach

The city of Patna is for more than eight kilometers stretch on the bank of Ganges. Patna is a metropolitan city and has all the necessary facilities. You can reach the place by flight, car, train or by bus. If you come from the flight our representatives from Erco Travels will meet you in the capital city of Patna and guide you to the hotel in the city. The Erco travels will provide all the possible comfortable hotels for stay and the traveling joy in luxury buses.