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About Nalanda
Nalanda University
Nalanda University

The small locale located towards the outskirts of Rajagriha in Bihar is Nalanda. This small town has gained accolades in the past across the globe for its culture and tradition. It represents the hot seat for learning and knowledge. Nalanda University present at this place in the 5th Century A.D is said to be the first university across the globe and this university was ruled by various rulers. Visiting this place would help you realize how advanced we were at that time as we opened the first university in the word. Nalanda was also the residing place of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahaveera.

There lies an interesting story behind the naming of the small town by name Nalanda. The place for the Nalanda University was used to build a monastery. However, the serpent got injured while digging and later it was predicted that the monastery would be renowned for many years. In the course of time, the monastery was converted to form a university called Nalanda. There are also other Buddhist shrines and monuments at Nalanda making it a place not just for rampant of the Nalanda University but also for holy places and pilgrim centers.

Tourist opportunity / Tourist places in Nalanda

During your visit to the Nalanda town tourist attraction that gains the attention of all the tourists is the Great Stupa and the Nalanda University. These Stupas glorify the past and is flanked by steps, terraces and Stupas. It is also among the prestigious list of the world heritage sites by UNESCO. The brickwork of the Stupa surrounds the relics of Lord Buddha and is constructed to protect the relics. It is semi-hemispherical in nature. These Stupa's have writings on them about the Bodhi Sattvas and the important events in the life of Lord Buddha.

To know more about our history, you can visit the Nalanda Archeological which has preserved all the items of the ancient times. Hiuen Tsang a Chinese traveler who visited India and recorded our working of our economy has a memorial hall constructed in his name at Nalanda. Rajgir is another important tourist spot that is a must watch by the tourists who visit Nalanda. Among its festivities, the Chhath pooja is very attractive and it happens twice in one year.

the Great Stupa
The Great Stupa

On you visit to Nalanda; you should not miss the visit to the Nalanda University and the Great Stupa. We at Erco travels arrange package tours to Nalanda in specific and also the North India as a whole. These are packaged tours and would include everything from your accommodation to even the entry fee to the monuments. Choosing us, we ensure that your trip is purposeful by knowing our culture and heritage through by the visit of various historic sites and is stress free as we do all the required bookings for travel and accommodation.

How to Reach

The airport by name Loknayak Jayprakash airport located at Patna is the closest airport to Nalanda. From the airport, you can commute to Nalanda by Taxis. Those who wish to reach Nalanda by train can get down at the Rajgir which is close by to Nalanda University. We also offer customized package tours to perfectly suit your requirements.