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About Mandu
Jahaz Mahal
Jahaz Mahal

Mandu is a small town located in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. If you are planning to visit a city which indicates love, affection and romance then Mandu is the city which signifies all of these. This place carries a great historical significance and the person behind the forming of this cute city is believed to be Raja Bhoj. The architecture is the town of Mandu is highly inspired by the Afghan architecture. The city is believed to be associated with Prince Baz Bahadur who fell in love with Singer Roopmati.

There are many places in the town of Mandu that signifies the love of the Muslim price with the Hindu girl. This can be seen through the wonderful palaces, attractive canals, pavilions crafted artistically and bath tubs. The rock cut caves in the region of Mandu have attractive paintings which decorate the wall and the ceiling. Thus, Mandu is known for its architectural marvels and for its artistry. The example for the artistic excellence achieved during that time, the carvings on the entrance gates to the town of Mandu indicate the same. Mandu is also referred to be the city of monuments in Madhya Pradesh. Some of the mentionable ones include the Jahangir gate, Alamgir, Tarapur gate and Rampol Darwaza.

Tourist opportunity / Tourist places in Mandu

We at Erco travels selectively choose the tourist destinations to visit in Mandu. After a thorough research on the plan of the trip, everything is booked and arranged from our side to make your trip memorable. You need not worry on any booking and that you need to do is to enjoy your trip to the town of Mandu.

Hindola Mahal
Hindola Mahal

To enjoy the ancient architectural marvel, Jama Masjid located in Mandu Madhya Pradesh is another place to visit. It is the most majestic building located in Mandu. Huge colonnades are surrounded around the hall room. The Jama Masjid is said to resemble the great Omayyad Mosque of Damascus. Bagh caves at Mandu town are another good attraction for the tourists. It contains paintings that resemble the paintings engraved in the Ajanta caves. There are many more tourist attractions to know our history and culture and there are also religious monuments.

On your visit to Mandu, the first thing to do is to relinquish our past through the ancient architectures and its styles. For this the first place to visit is the Hindola Mahal. This is the large meeting hall or Durbar in ancient India for meetings. It is well constructed and is a famous tourist destination. The other places carrying the historical significance should be visited.

How to Reach

There are convenient air and land routes to reach Mandu. If you wish to fly to Mandu, the nearest airport to this place is In Indore. Indore Ahilyabai Holker Airport is the domestic terminal which receives flights from all the major metropolitan cities in India. Train travel is also comfortable but is time consuming. Whichever may be your mode of travel; choosing Erco travels would offer you the best of prices and comfort for the travel. We ensure that our customers are encouraged to travel more after being a part of our packaged trips.